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Finding and viewing journal articles in Hunter


Finding and viewing journal articles in Hunter

Step 1: Go to, type your question into the search box, choose 'Articles and more' in the drop down menu, and click on the search button.


Step 2:  You'll then see a list of articles that will be relevant to your question.

You will see a round green icon and the words 'Full text available' next to the search results listed.

Step 3: Click 'View Online', this will reveal more details about who provides the online full text. Click on 'Go'.

       This will open up the journal article in your browser.

I can view the articles that I want!



Tip: If you know the title of the journal article that you're looking for, type it into the search box and Hunter will find it for you if we have paid for access to the article.

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Offsite access to journal articles

flag Offsite access

Note: If you're accessing the online resources offsite, you will be asked for a username and password. Use the SGUL username and password that you have for logging onto computers onsite. The log in page can look different depending on the supplier of the article.

You'll be asked to find your 'institution', remember to look for 'St George's, University of London'.

(NHS users should log in using OpenAthens, please refer to the relevant helpsheet on the Library help page on the website.)

Video: Finding and viewing articles in Hunter (subtitled)