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Evaluating information: Test yourself

Decide if the following sources would be good to include in your assignment on ‘The link between obesity and Type 2 diabetes’.

Look at the the information given for each criteria for evaluation.  As a resource to use would you give it a

thumbs up (Good)
wavering thumb (Maybe)
thumbs down (Bad)
Click to reveal answer Click on the Reveal panel to find out the answer.


Look back on all the answers for the different criteria, then decide whether you would use the resource or not.

Click on the 'Should this resource be used?' link to check your answer.

Note: mobile device users may not be able to use the mouse over option. The answers for each example criteria can be found when you click on the 'Should this resource be used?' link.



Edmonds, M. (2014) Managing the diabetic foot. 3rd edn. Chichester.  Wiley Blackwell.


What although the book is about diabetes it is too detailed for your assignment and therefore not relevant this time

Who - checking on Hunter shows that the author has written other books HOME

Why – this is an academic textbook written to inform, not persuade HOME

When -  the book is up to date HOME

How – the book has been selected by the library as an appropriate resource HOME

Should I use this resource?



Whitmore, C. (2010) ‘Type 2 diabetes and obesity in adults’, British Journal of Nursing 19 (14) pp. 880-886

What - the article addresses the assignment topic at the right level HOME

Who - a search shows that the author is a research nurse in diabetes and obesity HOME

Why - the journal article is intended to summarise current knowledge and understanding of this topic HOME

When - the article was published a few years ago. 

How  - the British Journal of Nursing is a peer reviewed journal HOME

Should I use this resource?



What – the site may give you useful background information but is not suitable as an academic source for your assignment. 

Who – the web site is supported by Boots and WebMD.  They are commercial companies which is indicated by .com in the address.

Why – there are lots of links to products you can buy so there is a clear intention to sell as well as inform.

When – the copyright on the site covers 2009-2018 but you can’t tell when individual pages were written or reviewed.

How – the About Us section states that all the content is reviewed by UK doctors HOME

Should I use this resource?