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Paramedic science and practice subject guide

A guide to library and information resources for paramedic students and students who need information on emergency medicine and healthcare


Managing Information

The Library has developed a Referencing Unit on Canvas, which will teach you the principles of referencing. It will show you how to avoid plagiarism by creating accurate in-text citations and reference lists for your assignments, and how to use CiteThemRight (CTR) to format your references to the SGUL Harvard standard. 

Once you've located the information you need, you'll want to store it effectively so it can be retrieved when required; especially when citing and referencing the sources you have used in your academic work.

The Library has a number of resources to support you with referencing and reference management, which you can find detailed below.

Use the CTR search bar below to find out how to reference different sources. For example, type 'journal article' to see how to correctly reference a journal article. Use your SGUL network login to access the full online resource when offsite.

Referencing tools

Reference Information

You are expected to include citations and references in your academic work. St George's institutional referencing style is Harvard, based on the guidance in the book Cite Them Right (12th edition) by Pears & Shields (2022).

There are plenty of copies available in the Library or use you can use the online version below (see the virtual tutorial below).

Login with your university login at Cite Them Right online to guide you through the referencing process. Our Harvard Referencing Guide also offers some quick reference guidance for commonly used sources.

Remember: there are many different versions of Harvard, so to ensure you are referencing your work correctly you should only follow the guidance in Cite Them Right or resources produced by the Library.

Virtual Tour of Cite Them Right Online

We have created this virtual tour which shows you how to navigate the Cite Them Right website.

Use the icons to navigate around the tour and see brief explanations.

Have a look and get in touch by emailing with any questions or feedback you have. 


Click here to view the accessible version of this interactive content

Reference Management

Reference Management

When you find lots of information for your assignments and topics it can be difficult to keep track of all your sources. Using reference management software such as RefWorks, available to all university students, can help you to:

  • collect references - no need to type details in manually
  • store references in a web account or on your desktop
  • organise references
  • add notes to your references
  • link to full text, web pages and documents
  • cite your references and create bibliographies in different styles

To learn how to use RefWorks, please see our Refworks Learning Unit on Canvas.