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RefWorks and reference management

A how-to guide for the reference management software, Refworks

Using RefWorks in Word

If you are using Microsoft Word, or other word processing software, to write your documents, RefWorks offers a choice of add-ins that you can use to link Word to your RefWorks account. These add-ins allow you to:

  • View and insert your previous collated references into your documents, using your preferred citation style
  • Add citations within the body of the text
  • Add an entire bibliography
  • Bulk switch and format the citations you add to your text
  • Sync new additions to your RefWorks account with your document


RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is the add-in we recommend you use, but for some of you the older add-in Write-N-Cite might be best. Please see below for a breakdown of each option and for more information on which one is best suited to you.

If you have started your assignment in Write-N-Cite, you need to continue to use it. Make the switch to RCM when you start a new project.


Use WnC if:

You are using older versions of Microsoft Word that are not compatible with RCM: 

Microsoft Word for Windows 2010 or 2013
Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 or 2011

Please download WnC from RefWorks (in the tools section).

Users of Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows or Mac, use RCM.

Click here for installation instructions and guidance for using Write N Cite


RefWorks Citation Manager

Use RCM if:

You are using Microsoft Word 2016 or above either for Windows or Mac.

Please download RCM from the Microsoft app store.

Click here for installation instructions and guidance for using RefWorks Citation Manager

RefWorks: RCM video

RefWorks for Google Docs