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Systematic reviews: finding and managing the evidence

This guide gives an overview of how to plan, execute and organize literature searches to support systematic reviews and other projects and research requiring in-depth searches.

Keeping current

It can take a while between your searches being carried out and your final review being published. In the meantime you want to keep abreast of  any new evidence that emerges.

All the library databases have options to save searches as an alert, so you can be emailed when any new articles are published that match your original search criteria.

You can also  save the searches so that you can revisit and re-run them at a later date to find new articles. In platforms such as Ovid, Ebsco and Web of Science, you need to set up a personal account in order to take advantage of this facility.

Check out our help pages and download database search guides covering saving searches and keeping up to date in a variety of platforms.