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Cochrane Library Search Guide

Browse the Cochrane Library

It is possible to browse the Cochrane Library either by Topic, or by Cochrane Review Group. Below you can see the top level list of Topics

Top level topics such as Blood Disorders, Allergy & Intolerance, gynaecology, etc.



Clicking on a link will display a set of results for the topic, from which you can further refine results as necessary. Below, you can see the results for the Lungs & airways topic. From here, you can filter by content type using the tabs along the top, or limit results using any of the filters to the left of the results: these include a range of more specific topics within lungs & airways, such as Respiratory infections

Results of the "lungs and airways" top-level topic search.


When browsing by Cochrane Review Group, the same options are available to help you refine your results.