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Cochrane Library Search Guide

Save your search

It may be useful to save a search if you need to rerun it at a later date, or refer back to it. To save a search in the Cochrane Library you must be registered and logged into your account.

If you do not have an account, you can register using the Sign In link at the top right of the page, and complete the registration form.

Once signed in, click on Save this search. Two options will appear: use Save if you wish to replace a previous version of the same search, or use Save as if you are saving a new search. 


Enter a name for your search when prompted, add comments if required, and click Save


Retrieve a saved search

To retrieve a previously saved search, sign in to your account and click on View/Share saved searches to see a list of your searches and a list of options.



Run will run the selected saved search strategy

Add to search will add the lines of your saved search strategy to any current lines in the Search manager

Share will allow you to copy a URL linked to the search, or to send a link directly by email

Export will create a text file of your search strategy


Note: To retrieve a saved search, you must ensure that you are viewing the tab of Advanced Search in which the search was originally run. For example, if you saved a search using the Search manager, you must be viewing the Search manager tab in order to retrieve that search.

Create an email alert

You can set up email alerts for a saved search in the Cochrane Library, or for any Topics of interest.

To set up an email alert for a saved search, sign into your account, navigate to the Advanced search, and click on View/Share saved searches. Select the e-mail alert checkbox next to a search to receive an email alert every time new content matching the search is published in the Cochrane Library

To set up email alerts on Topics of interest, sign into your account, click on Browse and then click on Set email alerts. Select the topics you wish to receive alerts for. Topic email alerts will be sent weekly