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Nursing Professionals NHS Library Guide

This guide gives an overview of library resources and services for NHS nursing, nursing associate and healthcare assistance staff.

The five steps of Evidence Based Practice

Why Evidence-Based Practice?

Population-based outcome studies have found that therapies that are evidence-based have more positive effects on patient care than opinion-based healthcare. For example, heart attack survivors prescribed aspirin or beta-blockers have lower mortality rates than those who aren’t prescribed these drugs.

EBH comprises of 5-steps:
Step 1. A decision needs to be made arising from a patient’s care or service development.
Step 2. You formulate a focused question, accounting for your population group, problem, intervention and any comparisons or outcomes.
Step 3. You identify the appropriate resources to search for the best evidence - here’s where the library can help the most.
Step 4. Critically appraise the evidence -the library can help you here too!
Step 5. Implement in practice, if applicable