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Teaching Staff

A guide for IMBE and FHSCE staff about the Library

Supporting your research

The library is here to support you with your research endeavors. For help with finding information for your research, for example, conducting an up to date literature search, please contact your Liaison Librarian

For other help with research, including how to use the CRIS (SGUL's publications management system) or SORA (SGUL's repository)  see our Researchers pages on the library website.  This includes contact information for the types of research services the Library provides, such as:

Advice on Open Access and Open Access publishing via SGUL:

Research Data Management:

Advice on our Current Research Information System (CRIS) or Sora, our repository:

Supporting your research

Your Liaison Librarian will be happy to meet with you to discuss your information needs.  Should you require assistance with literature searching, you can either take advantage of our CARES Literature Searching Service, or arrange a 1:1 with your librarian who will help you develop an appropriate search strategy.

Contact your Liaison Librarian for more information.

The library can run literature searches for NHS and SGUL staff, free of charge, to support your clinical practice, service development and research.

To make a request using our Clinical and Research Enquiry Service, please complete this form. Your results will normally be emailed to you within 5-10 days and will comprise a list of references, with abstracts and links to full text items where available. The search strategy, including a list of resources used, will also be included.

Please see our Keeping Up To Date LibGuide for help and guidance on how to stay on top of developments in your field.

You might also like to book in for a 1:1 with your Liaison Librarian who can help you set up alerts on a range of healthcare literature databases, for example, Medline and Cinahl.