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E-Books guide

This is a guide to using SGUL's e-book collection


Electronic books (e-books) are versions of our textbooks that can be viewed online by SGUL students and NHS staff.  This can be done from either a mobile device or a PC.  Not all textbooks are available as e-books, although the numbers are increasing.  Some of our textbooks are available both as physical books on the Library shelves and as e-books.  Our e-books are provided by several publishers, for example Oxford Medicine Online and Ebook Central.  This guide provides information on how to access our e-book collection and how you can use e-books.

SGUL Library's e-book platforms

You can find the Library's e-books by searching Hunter, using the category 'Books and more' in the same way as you search for books on the Library shelves. See Find SGUL e-books for more information.

The different publishers supply their e-books in different ways. See below to get an idea of the look and feel of the various e-book platforms used at SGUL.

SGUL Library e-book platforms

Other e-books

Occasionally e-books may be provided as a single item rather than as part of a publisher's collection, for example Cite Them Right, which is a book about how to reference, is available in both print and e-book format.