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Library Essentials - get started with using the library: Library Rules

A guide for students

Conduct within the Library

In order to keep the Library as pleasant a space as possible for all our users, we expect anyone using the facilities to maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour and to treat Library staff, security staff and fellow users with respect and courtesy.

Please remember that:

Food is not allowed in either the Library or Computer rooms.

Lidded drinks are permitted, but be careful of spills.

Below you will find some key rules and regulations you are expected to adhere to when using the Library. Visit our website to find out more about our Code of Conduct and related policies.


The Library and computer rooms have been zoned to accommodate different study preferences.

Low volume conversation is permitted in orange Quiet Study areas and the group discussion rooms.

There should be no talking in blue areas which are designated for Silent Study.

Similar zoning applies in the computer rooms:

The main computer room is designated as Quiet Study.

H1.8 & H1.9, when not booked for teaching, are designated as Silent Study.


Noise travels very easily, so please be mindful of your conversations and be aware of how they might disturb those working in the area around you.

During term-time, security staff will patrol the Library and computer rooms throughout the day to monitor noise and behaviour throughout the Library space. If you would like to report a disturbance you can do so at the Library helpdesk.

Mobile phones should be used on silent mode only. Please do not make or receive calls in the Library.

If you do need to take a call, please do so outside of the Library entrance in the social learning space so as to avoid disturbing others.

If you are using headphones, please ensure they are on a low volume setting.

Fair use

Personal belongings should not be left unattended nor used to 'reserve' a particular computer or study space.

During periods of high-demand unattended belongings may be removed by Library or Security staff to ensure fair use of the space.

From the 1st October 2019 we're introducing a new way for users the indicate they are taking a short break - see the Study Breaks tab for more info.

Fire Alarms

On hearing the fire alarm, or in the event of an emergency, users must follow any instructions given by Library staff and leave the Library by the nearest emergency exit.

Scheduled testing of the Library alarms is carried out on Wednesday mornings.

Group discussion rooms

The group discussion rooms can be booked at the Helpdesk and are suitable for group work that requires the use of a whiteboard, or that might disturb other users in the Quiet Study Area.

Please note that:

  • The rooms are for student use only

  • To book the rooms, a group must have a minimum of 3 people

  • Due to the demand for these spaces, a group may only book for 2 hours a day

  • Rooms can be booked from the hour, to the hour e.g. 9am-10am or 2pm-4pm

  • A group may book for no more than 6 hours a week

  • These rooms cannot be used for 1-2-1 meetings

If the rooms aren't booked, they can be used by smaller groups etc. but please be aware that if a booking is made, you may be asked to leave the room.

It is therefore worth noting that if a room is occupied, it does not necessarily mean it has been booked. You can check availability at the Library helpdesk.