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Library Essentials - get started with using the library: Study Breaks

A guide for students

St George's Library Study Break Pass Scheme

We know that all of our users have different study preferences: you might need space to spread out your books, prefer to work in silence, or need access to a power socket. Meeting these preferences can be challenge and we're aware that finding the right study space can be difficult when other library users have left their belongings unattended.

So, to help address this (and encourage you to take regular breaks from studying!) from the 1st October 2019 we'll be introducing our new Study Break Pass scheme, whereby you will be able to indicate to other users that you have left your items for up to 30 minutes in the knowledge that they won't be moved.

Find out how the scheme will work below. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please email us on

What is it?

The Study Break Pass Scheme will enable users to leave their belongings in the Library for a short period: up to 30 minutes.

Where items have been left unattended for longer than 30 minutes, or no Study Break pass is present, other users are encouraged to move these items aside to be able to use the study space themselves.

The scheme will be operational all year round and won't be restricted to busy periods.

At the moment, the scheme will only run in the main Library study spaces and not in the computer rooms. This also includes the seating in the Library foyer.

How will it work?

Study Break passes will be available to collect from the Library Helpdesk and the RED.

When you want a break, write down on the pass the time you have left your seat. You should leave this on your desk, so that is visible to other users and Library staff.

If another user would like to use the desk, and 30 minutes has elapsed since the time indicated on the pass, they are free to move these belongings aside.

If you feel uncomfortable moving unattended belongings, please ask a member of Library staff or the Library Security Officer and they will move the items for you.

The passes have been designed for multiple uses, so once you are finished with one, please return it to a member of staff.

Why are we introducing the scheme?

There are three main reasons for introducing this new system:

1) To encourage users to take breaks without worrying their belongings will be removed.

2) To stop 'desk-hogging'. We want to encourage fair use of the Library space and discourage users from using their belongings to 'reserve' desks for long periods of time.

3) To encourage users to 'study healthy' and take a break from their work.

Important Information

Any belongings left in the Library are done so at the user's own risk - the Library does not take responsibility for any items that are unattended.

You should always take valuable belongings with you when you leave the Library (e.g. purses, phones, devices, laptops etc.)

If belongings are left without a study pass, they may be moved (or removed) before the 30 minute time limit as fellow Library users, staff and security will have no way of knowing how long they have been left there.

If the time indicated on the pass has been exceeded by a reasonable time, or there is a lack of study space available, then belongings may be removed and placed behind the helpdesk.