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My Reading List Guide

Guide for module leaders to create reading lists using My Reading List powered by Leganto software

Create your reading list

Use the My Reading List link on the left hand side of your Canvas module to get started.  The first time you use it, you may see a welcome page with a set of hints and tips provided by the reading list software,  You can choose to close this, or read it for further information. This video takes you through the necessary steps.


Adding sections to your reading list

Creating sections in your reading list allows you to organise your resources.  You could organise your list in the same way your module is organised.  For example, if your module is divided into weekly topics, your sections could also be organised by week or topic.  Or you could simply divide your sections in Core, Recommended and Supplementary reading.  See the video above for more details on how to do this.

Adding collaborators

If you have colleagues who are working on your reading list, adding them as collaborators allows them to create and edit My Reading List in your module.

To do this, go to your newly created reading list and select manage collaborators on the right hand side. Use their name or email address to find them and invite them to collaborate on your reading list:

                                                     Image of how to invite collaborators on my reading list