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My Reading List Guide

Guide for module leaders to create reading lists using My Reading List powered by Leganto software

Training dates

For further help and support, please contact Zena Ali (IMBE) or Anna El-Jouzi (Centre for Allied Health).

We will provide links to join the training sessions that we run here

1. Prior to your training session, please make sure you are registered for the Library.  If you are not already registered, please register here.  

2. Identify a module that you wish to create a reading list for.  If it is a module that you have previously worked on, you will be able to search Hunter via My Reading list in Canvas, to find the items that you listed previously. 

3. You will have the opportunity to being actively creating your reading list during the session.  We recommend that you have access to two screens if possible, one to view our demonstrations and one to work on your reading list.  You can easily do this if you have two separate computer screens, or if you use a mobile device and a PC/laptop at the same time.  Alternatively, set up separate windows on your single computer screen.

4. If you are able to identify colleagues in advance that will also be working on your reading list, this will enable you to add them as collaborators.