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My Reading List Guide

Guide for module leaders to create reading lists using My Reading List powered by Leganto software

Using (associating) a reading list with a second or further module

A reading list can be used with more than one module.  This is called 'association'.  Where you have several modules, for example, module A and module B that both use the same reading list, you only need to create the list once.

First create your reading list in one of the Canvas modules that you need to use it for.  For example, create it in module A. Then use the following procedure:

1. Go to your other module (module B in this example) and click on My Reading list on the left-hand menu.  This will create a My Reading list instance which you can use.

2. Go back to the original module (module A in this example) and open the reading list you have created.

3. From the reading list screen, illustrated below, click on the ellipses in the top right hand side of the reading list and select Manage course association. 

Picture of how to associate a reading list on one module to a different module

4. You should then be presented with a Look up course search box.  Type the module code of module B into this box.

5. When prompted, associate the module A reading list to this module B course.  You can do this with multiple modules.

6. Finally, sometimes the re-associated list may default to draft status in module B, so please check the publication status of the list, and publish in the new module (module B) if necessary.