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My Reading List Guide

Guide for module leaders to create reading lists using My Reading List powered by Leganto software

Publishing your reading list

Congratulations on creating your Reading List. You now need to send it to the library for review and publish it so your students can see it. This video will show you how to do this.

Options for publishing your reading list

When you choose to publish your list you'll see three options. If you select Course Students your list can only be accessed by students enrolled in the module on Canvas. This is a good option if your students will always be accessing the list via Canvas.

If you select All students at my institution, your list can be accessed by anyone logged in with their institutional ID. They will be able to access the list via a permalink or the reading list search page. This is a good option if you plan to share links to the list or to specific resources with your students, or if you want students who have not yet enrolled in your class to see what you've been teaching.

The third option is Anyone. Selecting this option will allow your list to be accessed by anyone, anywhere. This is a good option if you want to share your list with people outside your institution.

Sending your list to Library Review

You need to click Library Review to send your list to the Library so we can review it.  This allows us to check that all the items on your list are available, and to set up any requests for scanned book chapters or other items. 

It is helpful if you create your list and send it to Library review well before your module actually starts to allow us to review it in time for your students to see it.  We may contact you to discuss digitization or purchase requests where necessary..

In any case, you will be notified when our review is complete, enabling you to publish your list.