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Vancouver Referencing

Basic instructions on how to reference using the Vancouver system

Reference AI in an assignment

SGUL has provided guidance as to how to acknowledge, describe and reference use of AI in your assignment here.

This guidance directs you to use the Cite them Right website.

The Cite them Right website directs you to cite your use of AI as a personal communication:

"If the AI’s end product (for example use of ChatGPT in conversation) is only available to you, cite this as a personal communication and include a description of the AI generated material in your in-text citation."

Citation order:

  • Name of AI
  • Year of communication (in round brackets)
  • Medium of communication
  • Receiver of communication
  • Day/month of communication


In-text citation

When prompted by the author, ChatGPT responded with a ‘definition of academic integrity’ (1). A copy of this response is in Appendix 1.  Bard (2) also provided reflections on academic integrity to my colleague Baba Sheba.

Reference list

1. OpenAI ChatGPT (2023) ChatGPT response to John Stephens, 2 April.

2. Bard (2023) Bard response to Baba Sheba, 29 June.