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Humanities & Social Sciences Resource Guide

There are many options for finding resources from the humanities and social sciences, both within St George's and beyond. This guide outlines key resources and how to access them.

Humanities & Social Sciences Literature

Whilst St. George's Library specialises in medical and healthcare topics, we also have a large number of resources in the arts, humanities and social sciences. If you cannot find what you are looking for at St. George's, there are many other options available to you.

This guide outlines the arts, humanities and social science resources available to you as a student at St. George's. The following tables summarise these resources, and whether they can be accessed remotely.

For further help please contact - or email your liaison librarian from the profiles on the left.

Resources at a glance

St. George's has access to a limited number of databases that include humanities and social sciences literature:

Resources available through St. George's
Resource Description Offsite access?
Hunter (access) Hunter is the Library search engine, and should be your first choice for any search. We have access to a variety of social sciences resources on Hunter. Yes
Web of Science Core Collection (onsite access | offsite access) Database of journals, books and conference proceedings from the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Yes
Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (ASSIA) (onsite access | offsite access) Journal database with material approaching health and social care from a social scientific perspective. Yes
Oxford Reference (onsite access offsite access) Reference titles covering several disciplines including social sciences and humanities. Yes
Archival material (SGUL | Royal College of Physicians)

St. George's maintains archives and special collections with rich documentary material about the medical school and its history.

The Library also provides access to the Royal College of Physicians archives.


Additional resources can be accessed for free at other academic and museum libraries in London:

Academic Libraries
Library Description Offsite access?
Senate House Library Central library for all University of London colleges, including SGUL. Extensive collection covering arts, humanities and social sciences. Free membership, register online here. Yes
Wellcome Collection Library Library covering the history of health and medicine across different cultures. Free membership that grants offsite access to humanities and social sciences databases.  Some - see website
British Library National library with a huge range of literature available onsite and offsite. Join for free to access. Limited due to outage - see website for more info
University of London Libraries Most university libraries in London can be accessed either through the SCONUL scheme or as an SGUL student. Check with individual library

A handful of other sites and places are useful to know about:

Other resources
Resource Description Offsite access?
CORE (access) Aggregator of open access literature. Search engine provides access to a wide range of open access material. Yes
Open access presses Some presses publish open access titles, such as UCL and LSE. Oxford Academic also allows searching for open access material, including books and journals. Yes
JSTOR & Artstor Open Access (access) Search for all Open Access and free content on JSTOR and Artstor. Yes